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Private dog training in English:

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rotveileris-bosasReksas Dog Training School is established in Kaunas and Vilnius cities, in Lithuania. We are an ambitious team of young dog training professionals, providing dog training services in Lithuania for over 15 years. All our staff have university education and long-lasting experience working in many different fields with school children, students and adults.

We offer several dog obedience training classes, show dog training, socialization, aggression treatment and clicker training classes. We do group, individual and also in-home training.

Our goal is teaching dog owners a truthful communication with their pets. We educate dog owners at special shows held in different cities of Lithuania. We collaborate with schools, kindergartens, even with prisons, where we demonstrate our skills and those of our dogs in an educational, yet entertaining way. If you are interested in seeing our display, we can provide special programs tailored upon request. Our website www.reksas.lt and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/reksas) give a fresh modern view of dog training and dog science, with content specific to Lithuanian readers and are updated every day of a week.


We have a joke, that the first behaviour we are modelling or changing is the dog owner’s behaviour. When the dog’s owner behaves right, the dog training becomes fun. So, Positive Reinforcement is like a stress-free connection. We love and therefore teach stress-free communication between people and dogs. We have noticed that sometimes this technique by itself can relieve or even stop owner’s natural tension, aggression towards a dog.

Though now we mostly use Positive Reinforcement techniques in dog training classes, we have learned a number of different ways of dog training. We have lived through the eras of Negative Reinforcement and Positive Punishment techniques, all fashionable in their own time. Sure, these methods can work, dogs are not stupid not to avoid punishments. But on a number of occasions we have faced the dangers these techniques can make and therefore we do not allow them in our classes.


We have received a huge assistance to our Positive Reinforcement methods from APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), an organisation that unites almost all word’s famous dog trainers, behaviourists and scientists. Our team has adopted numerous Positive Reinforcement techniques found and discussed on various web discussion boards, books and also covered on recorded seminar DVDs. Thanks to the internet, we have been able to get in touch with lots of talented, certified European and US pet dog trainers and attended their live, online seminars and lectures. Some of them have provided us with lots of tips and useful practical advice. Building on this advice, we have finally established our own methodology of dog – friendly and human – friendly dog training courses.


Every minute everybody is changing. People are learning every second, and so we do. Every change and new topic learned gives to us more self confidence and knowledge. The most important detail will remain: all our the teaching techniques used in classes stay based on 100% Positive Reinforcement techniques.